What I can Offer

Counselling / Trauma Specialist Supervision Training

I offer remote counselling support.

With my professional training and experience I am able to work with clients on their personal and emotional items, including depression , suicidal tendencies and abuse. Counselling is about talking to someone who understands what your needs are and what can help. Because everyone is different, your session will be directed at reaching your personal goals as the discussions in counselling are aimed at helping You understand what is going on for You and what would help You best.

My Approach

My training is based in the Humanistic Methodology, Person-Centred and Existential. This theory offers a counselling approach that respects individual uniqueness, preferring to support you in finding your own meanings and solutions.

Existential psychotherapy is an approach that explores inner conflict that a client may experience when confronted with concerns in life. This is a realistic approach which enhances the fact that you have Choices.

Talking and having an openness to share, can shine a bright light onto depression's distortions ,lies and confusions. As you talk, you can start to develop an understanding and build strategies for tackling depression and difficulties making it easier and clearer to move forward. My approach is realistic and supportive . Over the many years of my profession, I have learned the importance to be flexible and offer different creative approaches which incorporate Psycho-Educational , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Sensorimotor Therapy, EMDR, Traumatic Incident Reduction and Art Therapy when beneficial to the working process.

What can you bring to our Sessions? Your-Self no matter how clear or unclear you may be

There are no hard and fast rules.

Men and Women ,regardless of Age, Children, Youth, Adults, Gender ,Sexuality, Ethnicity, Race can all face difficulties at some point in their lives , you do not have to be alone.

I will work with Individuals, Couples, Groups, Families ...

Below are some Examples:

  • Relationship difficulties: Families and friends, work colleagues, lack of commitment, over protective / jealousy, abuse , sexual abuse, anger, rage.

  • Trauma Incidents: Abuse/ Rape, work accidents, car accidents, death.

  • Abuse: Recovery from sexual, emotional, physical, ritual abuse and neglect.

  • Family issues: Partners, children, parenting, separation ,divorce and homesickness.

  • Lack of confidence: Worried about never getting it right , feeling judged, self contempt.

  • Depression: Feeling lonely, isolated, sad, empty, over or under emotional ,unloved and uncared for ,HIV related concerns, suicidal.

  • Destructive behaviour: Eating disorders, self harm, being in a abusive relationship ,drugs , alcohol, debt and pornography .

  • Exam, Study or Work overload: Feeling out of control, stress, exhaustion, over-load, high anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Bereavement: Loss, anger, loneliness, stuck, sadness & depression.


What to expect from Counselling

The first session you will usually be offered a Assessment , this will give an opportunity to ask questions about what I offer and whether you feel us working together would be right for you.

To explore what has brought you to counselling at this time and what you hope to gain.

Agree a series of sessions, usually weekly, to discuss and work through your concerns whether this is depression, anxiety, confusion, fear, anger or anything else you may be experiencing, in an non-judgemental environment.

Assess your needs and aims - Review every six weeks.

A safe place for you to be listened to and share your fears and worries without being Judged aiming to move forward.


Supervision is a safe and professional forum used by The Supervisee to reflect on all aspects of their clinical work. This space offers formal and informal feedback on their work, where the safety and welfare of clients are at the heart of the matter and aid the quality of an effective practice.

What to expect from Clinical Supervision

A professional consultancy provision of space to reflect with an opportunity to aid your practice more creatively and effectively, regardless of your experience, trainee or qualified.

To explore challenging issues related to your working relationships with combined insight, experience and knowledge.

Offering genuine support in the analysis and management of difficult working situations whilst also challenging the supervisee to continuously develop both personally and professionally - enabling client work to be maximised with safety at all times.

Supervision is essential to ensure high standards of your professional practice. I offer a safe ongoing supervision service to help practitioners to monitor and review the quality of client work.

Supervision, is a formal requirement of professional self-regulation.

Counselling supervision is especially important for all counsellors/clinical workers and an area where we validate your professionalism. I have undertaken a Masters degree on somatic awareness in supervision and have an in-depth knowledge of working in the trauma field.

My Clinical Supervision Aim is where your working experience combined with the clients experience always shows accountability and sustainable authenticity and always supporting your work. My working practice is always within the BACP code of ethics framework allowing a safe working relationship.

I supervise therapists from a wide range of training backgrounds, trainees to experienced counsellors, also offering consultation and academic support for people studying. I am aware that everyone is at different stages of their professional journey and my approach is to be adaptable to your requirements.

My Supervision Practice can be offered individually or part of a team consultancy within organisational contexts.

I am open to working with different counselling backgrounds.The form of supervision will also be inevitably influenced by the therapeutic model employed by the supervisor since it implies theoretical formulation and the anticipation of interventions, along side a collegial working relationship with respect to the practitioners theoretical model.

My practice offers an encouraging and empowering ethical experience for all accountable members.

My Supervision Practice can be offered individually or part of a team consultancy within organisational contexts.

What you say will be kept confidential to my counselling service and will not be discussed with anyone else (except under certain circumstances which will be explained in advance).

I Abide to the BACP Codes of Ethics bacp.co.uk to make our work together as safe and ethical as possible.

Defining supervision :Supervision is provided to: ensure standards; enhance quality and creativity; and enable the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken. (BACP 2015b)


My Services offer Workshops & Courses on:

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse - one-to-one support and 10 week course

Anxiety Programme - Eight Week Course for those who are wanting to reduce Anxiety.

Expressing ANGER in healthy ways and understanding ANGER. Anger Traffic Founder Sadie Cissell.

Confidence Insight courses

Mindfulness- Time for Me

Please enquire if for yourself, friend, colleague or family member / Continued Personal Development / Continued Professional development.