Take Five Counselling Service

Take Five Counselling: Eight Week Courses 'Confidence Boost' : For more details of The Next 8 Week Course in West London - Please enquire.

The course is for everyone who wishes to build on their Confidence or Self-Esteem. The course purpose is to teach from a “Psycho- educational” framework aiding the best ways of handling daily routines, fundamental interactions and growing self-awareness so you can do the best in life, meeting goals, personal targets and having the Confidence you may not even knew you could have.

The course aims to give participants a better understanding of the nature of your Confidence, sharing information and experiencing new concepts and ideas within a professional and friendly environment.

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. ~Vincent Van Gogh.

Understanding Your Brain to Maximise Your Confidence


Week One: What is Self Esteem and Who am I

• Definitions of Self Esteem and Confidence

• Understanding Confidence

• Future me/ Expectations

Week Two: Knowing who I am

• Same and different

• Knowledge of Self Concept

Week Three: Self-Awareness

• Focusing

• Emotions

• Understanding Emotions

Week Four: The Challenge of Change

• Coping with Change

• Motivation of Change

• What may stop us from Changing

Week Five: Self – Acceptance

• The Vicious Cycle

• Making Connections and Patterns

• Recreating a Memory

Week Six: Self Esteem in a Relationship

• Boundaries

• Awareness in Relationships

• Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Week Seven: Creative Problem Solving

• Skills

• Developing Solutions

• Putting it into Practice

Week Eight: Keeping it all Going

• Sustaining the changes

• Feeling inspired

• Finding further support

Take Five Counselling: Addiction Support

The Oxford English Dictionary defines addiction as; "The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity:

Addictions exist on a spectrum, but as they get stronger in our lives which they inevitably do, they become more pervasive and have a greater potential to be destructive on many levels. One fact is certain though, it is virtually impossible to obtain consistent recovery from an addiction, without the help or connection to another person.

Take Five Counselling offers a professionally run addiction recovery group to provide men and women with the opportunity to understand what drives their addiction and make lasting change to their behaviours. Part of the group dynamics work towards helping a client face from a new perspective what their addiction gives to them and also what it costs them, particularly relational perspective. This in turn provides greater motivation and support for lasting change.