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What We Can offer you: 


At Take Five Counselling we aim to help you to:

  • Look at your problems from a fresh perspective
  • Offer you support if you are going through a life crisis
  • Help you if you are struggling with an addiction
  • Manage your feelings if you are suffering from depression
  • Look at turning destructive anger patters to assertiveness
  • Lessen stress and anxiety
  • Feel less lonely and isolated
  • Find clarity in making new choices
  • Have more fulfilling friendships and relationships
  • Have a stronger sense of self and purpose

We also aim to help you in specific life and relationships difficulties that most of us face at one time or another but can be intensely painful and stressful.


We are especially interested in helping people in their relationships at key stages of life:

·         Single People who may not be happy with their status

·         Married or People in Permanent Relationships who are struggling

·         Parents or new parents who are finding it very hard

·         Divorced or Single again People who are in pain due to the break up (whether this is recent or a long time again)


At Take Five we offer you several unique choices:


Take Five Counselling: Five Week Courses

You can have five structured sessions with us which form a short “Psycho-educational” course. This is topic based and information giving but with plenty of time for sharing experiences and feelings.  During the course we focus on the problems we face today, our self-image, our relationships, ways out of negative cycles of behaviour and ideas for moving forward to gain better relationships and new hope for the future.

These courses are written for and tailored to the particular issue you are facing in four main areas of life and relationships:


Single and Dating:

Help if you:

Feel your dates don’t go anywhere

Need some advice in successful dating

Keep dating the same kind of person


Married or Living Together

Help if you:

Find it difficult to adapt to being in a permanent relationship

Find your conflicts are escalating

Are struggling to stay together

Being A Parent:

Help if you:

Feel shocked at how your life has changed

Sense your relationship is under pressure

Need support communicating with your kids


Divorced or Single Again:

Help if you:

Need support with the breakup

Don’t know how to start again

Finding it hard to trust



Take Five Counselling: Eight Week Courses Confidence Boost Course:

The course is for everyone who wishes to build on their Confidence or Self-Esteem. The course purpose is to teach from a “Psycho- educational” framework aiding the best ways of handling daily routines, fundamental interactions and growing self-awareness so you can do the best in life, meeting goals, personal targets and having the Confidence you may not even knew you could have.
The course aims to give participants a better understanding of the nature of your Confidence, sharing information and experiencing new concepts and ideas within a professional and friendly environment.

Take Five Counselling: Addiction Support

The Oxford English Dictionary defines addiction as; "The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity: 
Addictions exist on a spectrum, but as they get stronger in our lives which they inevitably do, they become more pervasive and have a greater potential to be destructive on many levels. One fact is certain though, it is virtually impossible to obtain consistent recovery from an addiction, without the help or connection to another person.  
Take Five Counselling offers a professionally run addiction recovery group to provide men and women with the opportunity to understand what drives their addiction and make lasting change to their behaviours. Part of the group dynamics work towards helping a client face from a new perspective what their addiction gives to them and also what it costs them, particularly relational perspective. This in turn provides greater motivation and support for lasting change. 
The group is facilitated by a female and male, experienced qualified therapists. It is held for one hour sessions in a safe and confidential environment in West London in a venue with good transport links. 



All our courses are facilitated by a Professional Counsellor and are underpinned with a therapeutic approach.  You will have hand-outs to take away and read.

You can access these courses in two ways: 

One to one in person in London or one to one by Skype/Telephone throughout the UK.


Take Five Counselling: Five Sessions Unstructured

If you would prefer you can have five sessions with us which are completely unstructured. This means that there is a completely open space for you to bring your thoughts and feelings and anxieties.

These sessions last fifty minutes each and we will work with you together to look at how you might move forward from where you are now.  After the five sessions we can look at whether another five might be beneficial to you or else you may be ready to move on.


You can access our counselling in three ways:

In person in London, by telephone or Skype throughout the UK.



Our Values and Ethos:

In our practise we have agreed together that with everyone who comes to us for help:


  • We aim to listen with understanding at all times.
  • We won’t judge you on where you are now or the decisions you have made
  • We won’t leave you with long awkward silences
  • We abide by all ethics of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists