Pearl Maintenance

Maintenance of Pearls 

After summer seat and long-time exposure, the pearl omamets may be losing their luster, so let us your beloved omament to resplendent luster. Here are the common methods for cleaning pearl ornaments:

1. Gently Patting dries the pearl with soft cloth or using water absorbing cotton to rub its surface. Because it is too "delicate", better dip it in fresh water for ten minutes after a week's wearing, and then ringse it. Be careful not to keep it when it's not dry over, or it will get yellow with time passing by.

2. Not exposed directly to the sun, wet conditons, or put together with mothball or camphor.

3. Pearl damage occurs when it with acid, sweet, perfume or hair spray, so better not wear it directly contating body skin.

4. Be sure to wear pearl after dresssing up, for most cosmetics to harm to pearl including perume and hair spry,

5. Do not put pearl ornment in your purse or cosmetic case, or mix it with other ornaments to avoid surface scratches. Of course, it is the same case in other places

6. Do not wear it when showering or doing sports. (Get it into the habit)

7. Do not use any chemical or abrasive (soap stone powder, carborundum) to rub your pearl. Treat it gentle by using chamois, cotton or silk rubbing cloth to wrap it before keepingit.