Feedback comments by Group Members Facilitated By Sadie Cissell:

“I just finished the course in December and found it very useful.  It was the first time I'd been to a group so was a bit worried but found everyone very supportive, empathetic and easy to share experiences with.  I also found the coursework very good and will be going over it again and doing more reading from the books mentioned in it”

“ I Really did find it a very positive experience having never thought I'd want to be part of a survivors group”.

"This Work  exceeded expectations both in terms of the education and support."

" I wasn't sure at first but now I realise it's all a step by step journey that must always start somewhere."
"Sadie was Excellent, Very Good Warm  ,Encouraging and always respectful."

“This psycho-educational course is more  valuable then therapy - I'd highly recommend it to anyone with an abuse history. Sharing the learnings in a Group is a helpful way to accelerate healing - Thank you Into The Light.”


“Into The Light 10 Week Course has given me a real acknowledgement and understanding of my growth and have learnt to acknowledge myself more - Thank you”


“I am glad I have done this course it has really helped in my process of healing - Thank you”

 “The structure of the course was a particularly helpful way for me to draw all my previous experience of dealing with these issues together - highlighting where progress has been made and what still needs work.  I feel I can really progress from here.”

“I have got a lot from the course but most enriching is our relationship”.

I just wanted to say that I finished the ten week course on Thursday and I found it hugely beneficial. I also wanted to say that Sadie is an amazing woman, and I could not have done my journey without her”

“You have been a real tower of strength for me over the past 10 weeks and my life is richer with you in it. As I said yesterday, there was a point of trying to deceive you but not in a cruel way it's because I was scared. I have complete trust and faith in you, I have got a lot from the course but most enriching is our relationship”.


“I feel this course gave me a great set of tools to help me focus on personal healing and development.  Thank you.I would highly recommend this course to others”.

 Feedback From Clients working with Sadie Cissell:

"Sadie has listened supported and helped my life to be smoother - Thank you "

" My Relationship is a lot more Positive as we continue our journey of marriage together instead of parting"

" Our Son looks forward to seeing Sadie enjoys his time with her and now sleeps well at night with no more nightmares ! "